Der Schutz der einmalig schönen Flüsse Ecuadors

Das Jondachi Fest: Die Aktion am Rio Jondachi in Ecuador: 

4th annual Jondachi Fest: 19-21 JANUARY 2018  TENA, NAPO, ECUADOR


¡Salvemos al Río Jondachi!


The Jondachi, one of the last remaining free-flowing tributaries to the Amazon and Ecuador’s premier kayaking destination, is threatened by imminent hydroelectric development.

The Jondachi was slated to be dammed in January 2015. The Ecuadorian Rivers Institute’s legal defense of the Jondachi and the exposure generated by the first Jondachi Fest have effectively stalled out dam development…for the time being.

We need global support to continue fighting for this legendary and iconic river. If we can secure protected river designation for the Jondachi, a door will be opened for future conservation of threatened rivers within the Amazon Basin. 


More information on the ERI - "Ecuadorian Rivers Institute" website: